Souriant Designs Photography | Santa MWR 2017

This is your gallery for the complimentary Santa photos taken at Fort Riley's MWR Cristkindle Market on Saturday, December 2nd. Scroll through the gallery to find your images and you may download them to your computer, share, and print with my permission. This is my gift to you. Please also download the Print Release found at the beginning of this gallery. You will need to present it when picking up any prints you have purchased. If you have any questions please email or call the studio at 785-410-0496. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
MWRSanta2017-7399MWRSanta2017-7400MWRSanta2017-7401MWRSanta2017-7403Microsoft Word - MWR Client Print Release.docMWRSanta2017-7404MWRSanta2017-7406MWRSanta2017-7407MWRSanta2017-7410MWRSanta2017-7415MWRSanta2017-7417MWRSanta2017-7420MWRSanta2017-7421MWRSanta2017-7423MWRSanta2017-7425MWRSanta2017-7426MWRSanta2017-7427MWRSanta2017-7429MWRSanta2017-7430MWRSanta2017-7432